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Submission of papers

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Submission of posters

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2        Instruction for authors

2.2      Posters

Posters should be at A0 format (841 x 1189 mm) with either portrait or landscape format (but portrait format is preferred for space reasons). For legibility, do not try to put a whole paper as a poster. Include the abstract which was accepted. When planning content consider the following:

  • People have a limited time to look at and read posters
  • They are reading from a distance and standing up so that the text should not be too small: all text must be easily readable from a distance of 1 to 2 metres. Use 24-28pt fonts, smaller fonts will not be legible from a distance of 1 to 2 metres.
  • The title of your poster should be done in Title Case and must be at least 48 point font
  • The graphics and graphical content should be attractive but not too gimmicky
  • Use the Arial font or another Sans Serif font, such as Verdana, not a Serif such as Times New Roman.
  • The title should be made bold, to enhance readability.
  • All graphs and charts should be at least 25 x 30 cm.

Save your poster as a PDF and bring at least two prints with you to the conference. We will use one print to present in the permanent poster presentation room and one print will be included in a shared topic parallel session. Send us a copy (PDF format) by July 25, 2018 to include in the proceedings.

3        Key deadlines

Posters are sent to eclas2018@hogent.be. Deadline poster: July 25, 2018.
Please check our website for the deadlines. We want to refer to the deadline of author registration as mentioned above in the general conditions (§1): August 1, 2018.