We offer three options for post-conference excursions on 14 September; two full-day trips to the south-western region of Slovenia, and a shorter half-day guided tour around Ljubljana.

  1. Karst and Adriatic Coast (full day, either Škocjan Cave or Lipica Stud Farm)

A bus trip from Ljubljana (around 9.00) to Slovenian Karst (either Karst cave or Lipica Stud Farm) and the Adriatic coast with wine tasting. 
Škocjanske jame caves are the only monument in Slovenia and the Classical Karst region on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites. The exceptional volume of the underground canyon is what distinguishes the Škocjan Caves from other caves and places them among the most famous underground features in the world.
Lipica Stud farm is the original stud farm of one of the oldest cultural horse breeds – the Lipizzan horse – and the oldest European stud farm breeding a single breed of horse. It is the only micro location offering optimum conditions for Lipizzan horse breeding at the highest level, and its individual elements (the layout, architectural core, and cultural landscape) were developed exclusively for the purpose of breeding of Lipizzan horses. 
After this, the trip will continue to the Sečovlje Saltpans Natural Park, where the ancient method of manual salt-making is still practiced. According to the available written records, the Sečovlje salt-pans are more than 700 years old, and represents an exceptional cultural landscape with many indigenous and endangered plant and animal species. 
We will conclude the day with a local wine tasting in a traditional wine cellar before returning to Ljubljana in the evening (around 20.00).

2. Ljubljana City Tour (half day)

A two hour tour of Ljubljana City. The tour will take delegates through the historical city centre, whose unique architecture is the legacy of the Baroque and Art Nouveau periods and, most notably, the work of the famous 20th-century architect Jože Plečnik; whose work is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. From the city centre we will go to Ljubljana Castle which has sat on a hill overlooking the city for about 900 years. On this tour, delegates will learn about the city’s and castle’s history and enjoy the beautiful city views afforded from the castle’s ramparts.