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1        General conditions

Submission of the papers is done electronically via the conference website http://openconf.eclas.org. Deadline for the full papers and pecha kucha papers: May 28, 2018. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered for review.

Posters are sent to eclas2018@hogent.be. Deadline poster: July 25, 2018.

The paper must be written in English. It is expected that authors will submit carefully written and proofread material. Spelling and grammatical errors, as well as language usage problems, is on the responsibility of the authors.

It is a condition of submitting a paper that in order for it to appear in the abstract, in the proceedings, in the programme or as a poster, one or more of the authors must have registered and paid their registration fee by August 1, 2018 via the conference website http://conference.eclas.org.

We require that all papers and posters be declared the work of the authors and that all materials and images have full permission of the copyright holders to be reproduced in the book of abstracts and proceedings.

Your abstract has been reviewed in a double-blind peer review. If your abstract is accepted for a paper (see acceptance mail or review status on OpenConf), we hereby invite you to submit your papers (full papers or pecha kucha papers –> see review status on OpenConf) by May 28, 2018. These papers will be reviewed in a peer review. Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings (if specified conditions – see general conditions – are met). Papers will be presented at the conference in a thematic session. Posters will be shown during a poster session at the conference. Full papers, pecha kucha papers and posters will be published in the Conference Proceedings.