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After a successful review authors will be invited to submit a full paper.  Extended papers should be prepared according to the following structure: title; author(s) name(s); affiliation(s); abstract; keywords; main text; acknowledgments; references; list of attachments.

Title: The title should indicate the topic of the paper. It should be informative and short - the maximum length is 13 words or 100 characters.

Author(s) name(s): Last name first

Affiliation(s): Indicate your current affiliation(s).

Abstract: Outlines the aim, scope and conclusions of the article in a single unreferenced paragraph of up to 200 words.

Keywords: Up to five keywords shall be included.

Main text:

  • Full papers should be no longer than 1,500 words including abstract, keywords and references. Papers must be written in English. If English is not your first language please have it checked by a native English speaker or professional translator before submitting. Reviewers are not responsible for language correction.
  • Formatting should be justified left, block paragraphs with no indents, Calibri and 11 point font (single spaced text). Ensure that each new paragraph is clearly indicated with an empty line. Do not use paragraph numbering.
  • Section headings should be uppercase. Do not use underline text or italics. Do not use footnotes; most footnote material can be incorporated into the text to the benefit of readers and editors.
  • Refer to literature by author and year in brackets (Treib 2000). When quoting directly from a work include the appropriate page number (Doe 1982: 27).
  • Ensure that in the text figure and table numbers are inserted in between brackets at the desired location. Do not include figures or tables in the text.

Acknowledgments: Optional

References: Every author-date citation in the text should have a corresponding entry in the references. List full references alphabetically by author’s last name. Please ensure their accuracy, completeness and consistency. See section Prepare abstract.

Tables, figures, text appendices: All tables, figures, text appendices constitute attachments to the main body file of the paper. As such, they must be submitted as separate files. A list of attachments must be provided at the end of the paper to indicate the relation of these attachments to the paper.

Please list the filename for each attachment on a separate line. After each filename, provide the single-spaced title or caption that accompanies that figure, table or other attachment (no blank lines between filename and caption, please). Follow the entry for each attachment with a blank line.

Table 2: The structure of the Bachelor programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil


Figure 1: Map of protected areas in Switzerland

List tables, figures, appendices, and other attachments in that order. Within each category, list and number items in the order in which they are introduced in the article. Double check your entries to ensure that you have included a filename and a caption for each figure, table, and appendix file.

Provide enough detail in the table title and figure caption information to allow a reader to comprehend the main points of each attachment without reference to the article or to the attachment itself. Similarly, ensure that the figure captions direct the reader’s attention to the key points conveyed by the figure.

As tables, figures, and appendices constitute attachments, they must be saved to a separate text, graphic or special format file. Please do not put embedded figures or tables into your text.

  • Text files must be submitted in Rich Text Format (.rtf, also called Interchange format) of word. Most word processing programs will save to Rich Text Format. Check the options and/or help menus of your program for assistance with this.
  • We will accept graphics in the following formats: GIF, JPEG or JPG, BMP and TIF.
  • You can send images and graphics in colour for the digital publishing, but they should be adjusted to be able to be published in black and white.
  • Digital cameras should be set on a resolution or image quality between 2048 x 1536 pixel and 2272 x 1704 pixel (3 megapixel and 4 megapixel).
  • Please include not more than 3-4 tables, figures or photos.