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The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) will hold its annual conference in Ghent, Belgium, from 9 to 12 September 2018. The conference will be hosted by the School of Arts of the University College Ghent and is curated and coordinated by the educational programmes in Landscape and Garden Architecture and in Landscape Development, and the Research Unit Landscape Architecture. You are hereby kindly invited to submit abstracts for the 2018 ECLAS Conference ‘Landscapes of Conflict’.

On occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the First World War armistice, commemorated in 2018, this year’s edition is held in Belgium. This large-scale conflict inspired choosing the conference theme ’Landscapes of Conflict’.

The conference approaches ‘landscapes of conflict’ in a multi-faceted way. ‘Conflict’ may refer to opposition between ideas, opinions and interests, to disagreement or controversy, or to mental struggle caused by differing demands or impulses. Conflicts often occur due to a lack of communication and collaboration leading to misunderstanding. Their geographical scale stretches from local sites over regions to global networks. They modify human settlement patterns, urban processes and land uses, and change landscapes. They may range from instant states of emergency to long-lasting antitheses.

Conflicts also influence our everyday activities as landscape architects, academics and teachers. We aim to spotlight places, moments and methods where conflicting interests and issues meet and intensify each other. Through which argumentation, expertise, knowledge and practices do landscape architects recognise, interpret and manage conflicts? When, where and how do they intervene? We investigate how opportunities can arise within or through conflicts and how this may lead to cooperation and integration.

Contributions are welcome under the seven sub-themes of the conference “Landscapes of Conflict”:

Subtheme 1: Human and nature
Subtheme 2: Experience and economy
Subtheme 3: Participation and coproduction
Subtheme 4: Planting design and ecology
Subtheme 5: Theory and practice
Subtheme 6: Teaching and learning
Subtheme 7: Conservation and development

The deadline for abstract submission is March 12th 2018, it is currently no longer possible to submit abstracts.